Friday, February 12, 2016

40 Days No Make Up

I haven't posted in 516 days. That's uncool. I don't want to ignore that fact but I also don't want to cling on it too long, so lets move on shall we.

I've given up makeup for Lent. It seems like a silly, girly thing to do and I'm sure I'll have my haters saying I'm only doing it for this reason or that, but here's the real reason...

Makeup and I have become very good friends over the years, such good friends in fact that I don't like to leave the house without her. And I kind of have a problem with that. When I look in the mirror sans make up I don't like what I see, and that's a problem for me.

These next 40 days will be a challenge to myself to be comfortable in my own skin without hiding behind a mask of eyeliner and concealer. I have blotchy red Scottish skin and it's beautiful because it tells the history of the strong line of woman I come from. I have light eyelashes that most likely root from there too. My brown eyes pop with or without eyeliner and yet I don't like what I see without it. And why?

I could launch into a myriad of reasons that are just excuses, media tells me, my momma told me, my friends told me, but none of those people have been painting my face for 15 + years. I have.

So this is my challenge to myself, to love my face without makeup. To allow photos of myself to be taken without makeup. To not delete 15 photos because the lighting wasn't right. Lets see what happens. Follow me on the Instagram (@Janice_Lynne) if you'd like to see my selfie per day. I'm excited / nervous / in over my head. But, you know, in a good way...

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