Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Girl by the Curb.

Today as I was getting ready I noticed a girl, a woman really, trying to cross the street. I have the perfect view. My bedroom at 22 is all windows. In the AM it's a fairly busy road, trucks and cars non stop. And she couldn't find her space.

When I first noticed her I remember thinking "walk 30 yards down the street to the crosswalk, lazy." and almost in the same thought "don't be so high and mighty McCrostie you wouldn't either."

It took her nearly 5 minutes. And I found myself fully invested in her success. Between eyeliner and bronzer and mascara I kept checking. It became vitally important to me that she cross the street. And every time I checked back she was still waiting, patiently between the yellow line and the curb.

When was it going to be her turn? When was she going to have her time? Why wasn't it happening for her? Why had it become so important to me?

I missed her crossing the street. One time when I looked up, she was on the other side, walking away.

I missed the girl at the curb crossing the street.

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