Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Day

Today is my last day.

I got up at 5:25.

I showered.

I lotioned.

I got dressed and made some eggs. There was ham & peppers in them.

I drove to the theatre. I stayed at the theatre.

And then I didn't get to say goodbye.

I'm such a dramatic sack of sh*t but I can't help but I think it's for the best.

I'm a cryer.

don't know if you knew that about me.

So I waited as the Tour van drove away & then my ride never came. So I'm done. All my responsibilities are done.

And they're there & I'm here and I'm going home soon.

Goodbyes are over/underrated anyway.

I thought I was ready to push the chicadees out of the nest, especially since some of them annoy the sh*t out of momma bird, but I'm going to miss them.

Maybe I'm projecting.

Maybe who I really miss,

Who I'll be missing for a long long time.

Is Biggie.

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