Monday, April 30, 2012

Meh. Meh meh meh. Meh.

I could spend this post talking about that TROLL Stanley but at the end of the day my uncle is right... those comments were coming straight from his mother's basement, probably while he masterbated to pictures of Justin Bieber. So I say we all move on.

And instead lets talk about the last two weekends which have been legend....waitforit....DARY!

Haha. Anyway. Last weekend I went down to Deleware to the wedding of one of my oldest friends Kristina. The wedding was beautiful & I actually ended up getting to practice my House Management skills as I was needed to fluff Kris' dress before she walked down the aisle, close the doors & seat late comers. Ahhhh a professionals work is never done.

Emily road down with me so I didn't have to drive the 2 & 1/2 hours alone which was good bc Sunday morning I was in no shape to drive at all ever again in the history of the world.

So of Friday when we got down there we decided to hit up the bar next door. Our bartender was a stunning example of the male species. He was gorgeous.

I realized I do this thing when I think some one is too good looking for me where I don't give a shit. I'm kind of like "Even if this person is into me, I will never believe that they are into me, so what the hell..." Plus I had my first beer in about 4 weeks so I was feeling loosy goosy. The even better thing is that I realized I have not lost my ability to read people, hard core.

I was like "Emily, I bet this guy is a serial monogomast." She was like "naaa he's in love with his best friend." So I asked him. Turned out he was both, but more of a serial monogomast than in love with his ex-gf. So We continued to chat. I continued to ask him questions about his life. Some personal, some not. And he answered ALL of them. So freely that Em was like "do you get these questions a lot?"

And Ray (that's his name, Ray, we go way back) was like "No never."

So he was off helping other patrons of the fine establishment and I made another bet, I doubled down that ALL his ex-es were tiny brunette girls. They were. I know because he showed us pictures of them on his cell phone.

I let him know this meant he still had feelings for them. He informed me that he didn't.

The best was when I go "Emily, I bet money that Ray (a Phillies fan) will know not only the year that the Mets last won the World Series, but the team."

When asked Ray responded. "1986 - That was a great year! An awesome Roster!" And began to list players by name.

Dear Ray, thanks for being awesome & putting up with my ridiculousness. You rock.

The wedding was the following day & we danced the night away, I drank way way way too much. Had a little bit too much fun. And lived life.

Sunday was a Buffalo Wild Wings in my belly type of day.

This past weekend was Bridget's Bridal Shower. The week was a bit stressful leading up to it so I am happy that it's done. Everyone was a big help and it was a big hit. But. But.

I drank for 14 hours.

Guests began to arrive, the room was decorated, the hall directors had taken over & I was drinking. It was ---- AWESOME!

The shower went off without a hitch & afterward we all went out for dinner and drinks. Ahh dinner.

The place was BYOB & it was Saturday so Kari & I went ahead to get a table. We didn't know we had to babysit them at the liquor store. They rolled up with one bottle of white, one bottle of red, a 6 pack of Coors Light & a Heinekin mini keg. There were 7 of us.

We kicked the keg. We kicked the 6 pack. Jules kicked the red & there was one glass of white left. We left it as part of our tip.

We. were. raging.

Later that night I met a cute guy and had a told "I don't want this night to end" night. We had a really good time. I was wasted, but I know I wanted him to call. I still do. I think I told him this. But if he doesn't, I know why.

It was definitely one of those situations where you're so comfortable with someone plus kind of really totally wasteface, so you're crazy honest. And I was. I was myself which meant blabbermouth magee up in here.

Today there was a missed call on my phone from a number I don't recognize. They didn't leave a message. I tried to call them back & it rang twice then told me the user had not set up a voicemail. I want to call again. Part of me doesn't understand why I can't. But everyone is telling me I shouldn't. To wait. And part of me knows that's true. I want the guy who wants to call me, again if I don't pick up the first time.

And it's not even that that is torturing me. It's not knowing if it was him. That is what is KILLLLLING ME!!!! haha.

Sweet baby Jesus I HATE being this girl. I'm rarely this girl.

The worst part.

He was a fantastic f***ing kisser.

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