Monday, February 21, 2011

Internet Killed the FacetoFace Star.

I can't deny it. I'm as obsessed with Facebook and other internet connection sites as the next person. Hence me putting my whole life out there for you lovely folks to read. But when does it become too much???

Yesterday at the gym I ran into someone who I grew up with, heck he was my boyfriend in the 4th Grade! And even after that, in high school we were close friends. And, a little over three months ago, he had a field day commenting on some of my Facebook pictures. And responded back when I posted back. But when I saw him at the gym yesterday, I didn't even get a head nod. I got an eyebrow jump. I followed up with "Hey, how are you?" but didn't get any response.

Ok I'll give him that he had his earbuds in, but still... you can see my lips moving! Have we become that desensitised of a community that you can interact with me until the cows come home on the interenet but when it comes to face to face time I get an eyebrow jump? That's it???

What is this world coming to that people connect without really connecting? They connect through a keyboard. What is that? Soon people are going to get off from typing!

This happened to me before, when I was on a dating site. I "talked" to a few guys, even got to phone call level with a few of them. But when it came to meeting up they froze up. I ended up only face to face dating one guy, after being on the site for a year. None of the others manned up to getting a piece of this hot Janice action. They were more comfortable getting a piece of their key board action. In my opinion that's not ok.

So from that I discovered what I'm giving up for Lent & no ones going to like it. I'm giving up texting. Eeee that scares me just to say. I'm going to CALL YOUR ASS if you text me. The funny thing is, I'll add like an hour of free time to my day because instead of going back and forth back and forth for an hour... I'll call you and get the conversation over with in 30 seconds. What b****es!!!!???? What are you gonna do now!!

you're going to have to actually... GASP!... talk to me. We need more face time in this world, because otherwise the computers are going to take over the world. Like Watson on Jeopardy. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. Yeah, our society is slowly being crippled by technology. Why keep up with social graces when a simple "LOL" will suffice?

  2. bwahaha - I love it!
    i don't know if this new generation has phone etiquette at all - I know mine is almost gone because of not having to talk to anyone!