Thursday, February 17, 2011

You might think I'm schizophrenic after reading this one...

I feel like all I do is laundry!!! Does anyone else feel like that? My friends are going out on the town or getting married and having babies and I’m doing laundry during Grey’s Anatomy. (A show that I don’t even enjoy as much anymore but for some reason can’t give up. What’s that about?)

There is a reason that I do so much laundry & it’s the schedule that my life has become.

7:00 AM – Wakey wakey eggs & baky
9:00 AM – chill with Layah.
4:30 PM – Time to work on the pecks…

Oh. My. God. I just realized that I’m Jersey Shore trash. I could hang out with them and fit in except that I have logic they know not of. But, I GTL. I go to the gym. I sometimes tan. And then I do laundry. The only difference between me and them is wine on the couch instead of in a club and my comebacks are usually witty. But they can be funny. And not just laugh at them funny, sometime their confessional stuff is hilarious.

Please don’t tell my parents they’ll be so ashamed.

I guess I have something they don’t. I’m trustworthy with someone else’s child which I’m not even sure if one of those boys knocked me up if I’d trust them with the baby. Maybe Vinny – he’s seems pretty put together.

There’s your new reality show MTV. Throw a baby into the mix at the Jersey shore house. Hilarity would ensue.

But anyway, that’s why I do so much laundry. Because I work out & don’t have enough workout clothes to get me through the week so I have to wash them like every other day. What’s even worse is that my workout pants are starting to slip off me. Now you’re thinking – yay you go girl! But not really, because I have no money to buy new clothes. Time for some Wal Mart shopping.

Have you ever noticed that no matter where you are, you could walk into a Wal Mart in the middle of the East Village, hell in Paris, if they had them there and you would see a redneck.

I  know this post is ridiculous… I didn’t know what to talk about today so I decided to talk a little bit about everything. Holler!!!!!

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