Saturday, February 26, 2011

Angry Birds?

I'm sitting on a train home from NYC and the closing show of the plays I was costume mistress-ing next to my father who is playing angry birds and putting his phone in my face so I can hear either the birds or the pigs rejoice. Meanwhile my mother is reading about Charlie Sheen.

Also... my father is questioning the specific uses of different birds.

So answer this... why did I just download it on my phone? My life is so weird.

There's also someone behind me who seems to be breathing through some sort of device. And now the birds are angry-er. Well apparently they are bc they just squawked instead of cheered. Why do I know the difference between those 2 sounds.

Uggggg I have to pee & I really have no interest teetering over the toilet while the train attempts to toss me back out into the aisle. Please let us arrive soon! I'm about to bust out the angry birds as a distraction...

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