Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Free Bird with a BAD Case of Wanderlust

My mother (who I live with, remember, so a lot of my post will probably include her in some way... pathetic is the new black after all) keeps bursting my bubbles. I know, it's her job to carry the needle, but she has 2 favorite things to say whenever I tell her something about my future plans. They go either like this...

"But you need to find work in the field of your degree."


"You'll be getting paid for though right?"

Which, now that I think about it, the two things ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE! I want to write, and in order to write you often need to work somewhere else to fund your right while you are being discovered as the genius you are. I can write anywhere. My parents don't see it that way.

I just finished working on a show in a Playwright's Festival in NYC. It was a blast and I met (& re-met) some excellent people. I sent the director of that show my script to read & we discussed an idea that she & her husband had for what we think will be a hilarious show. I want to write it. So we may meet and discuss it to see if it will work. My mother's first comment "But you'll be getting paid for this right?" No, mother, I wont. How can I get paid, when no one is getting paid? Well, no one else is getting paid, yet.  I think there's been a communication breach.

My parents thought by going back to college I'd have even more opportunity to have money. I get it, I really do. I left a well paying job to pursue my dreams & now I'm back living with them & they want to know how I'm going to change that. Sorry mom & pop but I don't know. Because it order to get money I need to write something publishable & then meet the right people who want to use it. I can't give you a definite answer on when exactly that will be. It's a bummer, I know.

The other thing is that New Mexico is calling me. It wants me. Well, my cousin Emily wants me to move there with her for the month of July, but that means I probably wont have time to get a job. But... I feel like I need to go. It's hard for people to understand. I feel like... there is so much I want to drink up in this world, so much country and views and mountains and rivers and picturesque locations that I just want to soak in & I can't do that if I'm tied down.

Which, is why, I think I'm having super bad writers block when it comes to my cover letter. The worst part is that in order to do this traveling I need this money.

Why oh why couldn't I have been born in '53 instead of '83. At least then when I wanted to live out of my car & travel around the country no one one have thought it was that weird.

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