Sunday, March 27, 2011

Type B

I've had a busy Sunday. Which is weird bc I haven't DONE that much but it's been pretty insane with plans for the future.

The first thing that happened was I had a bit of brainstorm to try and get people more excited about G.O.D. Wow, just saying it like that probably makes some of you out there thing "what a tool box."

Anyway, my idea is to have people from my retreat approach their home church about us doing a service one Sunday over the summer. In that service we will talk about our relationships with God, from the younger perspective, shine new light on what it means to be young & a Christian. Cause, lets be honest, we have a bit of a bad rap with most people. And in order to get more people out to church we'll request that the congregation encourage any youth or young adults that they know to come to that one service & see what happens. I don't know, right now it's just an idea. But I kind of like to think that if you can even get one person to even slightly change their opinion it's a winning situation. Hopefully planning for that will get underway soonish.

The other thing was that my brother signed me up for The Warrior Dash which if you know me is comical. It's comical enough that I'm doing a 5K but this is a 5K plus military style obstacles. Sweet baby Jesus I will need you for this one!!!

I start my "official" training tomorrow for the MADdash which is just about a month before The Warrior Dash. My friend Gina gave me a Couch to 5K training plan she found in a magazine that worked great for her last year. So what I'll have to do is just keep training past to the 10K, which is on the plan too. That way I will still be super in shape & ready to rock n' roll. I don't want to win a medal or anything, I just don't want to humiliate myself. Which... hmmmm... yeah. Let's see how that goes

So I guess the reason this stuff feels so momentous is bc it's the first time I've planned ahead since I've been home. I mean I've given myself a definite goal that WILL be happening in the future that I need to be on my A game for. And I'm SOOO a B personality. A is like a foreign concept to me. So now I have a plan. It has nothing to do with my job or my low money situation but it's a plan. I have a plan that is more than a month away from now & has to do with my life.

It's a plan. The execution is the problem.

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