Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Keep Swimming!

It could be so much worse for me right now. Every time I have those "woe is me" moments somehow I get shown how much worse it could be. Somehow He knows what I need to see.

When I was in undergrad I used to work for a pretty big food chain. Not fast food but a chain that everyone loves and after working there I do not understand why. Anyway I opened this particular location as a server. I firmly believe that it should be law that every human being on this planet should have to work in the food service industry at least once in their life bc it will make the way they treat other people completely different.

To make sense of this story I have to explain that the GM at this particular location came from a background as a kitchen manager. The hierarchy in most locations is GM is on top and then kitchen manager, floor manager, etc is one step below them. Well since our GM used to be a kitchen manager, the kitchen could do no wrong & he was really hard on the floor staff.

I kid you not he was probably the worst manager I've ever had & I've worked at a lot of places. He would make me cry at least once a week. Seriously, people would be like "where's Janice? Oh, she's in the back sidestation crying." Finally this one time he was belittling me in front of my table. At which point I said (me! the employee & easily 20 years younger than him!) "I think we should discuss this in the kitchen & not on the floor." It was such a mess. He was such a mess! For reals!

Anyway I had nightmares for years about going back to work at that joint. But when the summer was nearly over I realized something. This is not the world. I'm crouched behind a booster seat bawling my eyes out over some under-sauced shrimp scampi while there are people living with crippling diseases, dying from starvation and dealing with lost love ones. Really? Really Janice? Your crying over some breadsticks? I had to get a grip.

And I try so often to remind myself of that. Whenever I'm really down about my life or about something I try to remember how truly blessed I am. And sometimes how blessed I am scares the living sh*t out of me! Because when is the bottom going to fall out?

So I am going to control what I can in my life & realize that there are unavoidable obstacles. Like being 27 and having to live with mom & dad. Like being 27 with student loans out your tookis but thinking "what the hell do I really want to do with my life???" I think I need to start living every day like it's the first day. Anyway this is the video that got me thinking about all this craziness.

Whenever life gets you down you know what you gotta do???

Just keep swimming!
Just keep swimming!
Just keep swimming swimming swimming!
What do you do?
You swim, swim, swim!

And start actually training for the 5K your running in errmmmm 7 weeks!!!

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