Monday, March 21, 2011

Completely Condradicting Ideologies!!

Soo this morning on the greatest radio show ever Elvis Duran & the Morning Show they were debating whether you would want to date someone who had a bangin' body & a busted face or someone who had a busted body & a bangin' face.

Ok, I was dying I was cracking up so hard & here is why...

I've had this conversation with my best friend, not the debate of what we would choose but about ourselves. Both of us have struggled with our weight but we're both so grateful that we have pretty faces. Cause it's much cheaper to fix your body than a busted face. Let's be honest, I complain about my bodd' buttttttttt at least I have a pretty face. right? Now as long as I stay out of bar fights & don't get a broken nose, I'm golden.

I still wouldn't mind having a bangin' body too. So I will continue working on that. I have officially lost 2 lbs in 2 weeks. Which is actually what the website I'm logging on recommends. Last Saturday after being super strict my scale weighed me in as losing 6 lbs but that was before a week of temperamental eating habits, 2 birthdays & a period. So I think 2 lbs is a great success and hopefully this week I'll be able to keep my act together.

For those people not in NJ, it's f**king snowing!!! Are you kidding!!!??? Bullsh**!!! Bullsh**!!! Bullsh**!!! I'm so done. It took me an hour & 15 minutes to get to work today when it should only take 30 minutes. We get it Mother Nature, you're in charge. I'm going to start a compost this spring. I've already stopped buying bottled water & bring my lunch in tupperware instead of plastic baggies. I'm trying here! I don't really live in an area that's conducive to biking so I can't give up my car without dying!!! So please try to be a little understanding.

Ughh. I made myself a pepper & ham omelet this morning & I'm already hungry. What's that about?

Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays...

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