Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dreams to 5Ks

I had weird dreams last night. I think that's what happens when you sleep really soundly but wake up a few times. Bits and pieces of your dreams flash in and out & you only remember the really weird parts.

The first one was just me walking around Glasgow. I seriously miss that city... didn't think it was possible to miss a place so much. I do miss WV but I guess bc I can get back there more readily it's not so bad. I seriously have to stop myself from tearing up when I see a picture or hear that someone is in Glasgow. I even miss Edinburgh... but only bc it's so close to Glasgow. In the dream all I was doing was walking around the streets looking at the buildings wishing I could stay. I need to get a real job so that I can move back. I only need like $13,000 saved up... that's not to hard right? Blerg.

The second dream was worse. I dreamt that I received an email from the job I applied for up in Maine & that the Superintendent of schools told me I had ZERO qualifications for the position. Nice. Haha. He worded it a lot more cruelly than that though.

Those are the only 2 snippets that I remember but they both made me wake up melancholy. Ehh I'll hit up the gym & go see my oldest friend. That will make things better.

The 6lbs that I thought I lost last week were a mirage. but I have lost about 2 lbs which is good. Especially since this past week I was no where near as strict as I was the first week. It will be easier now. Georgia & Terry are off to CO for 10 days so I wont have the temptation to not gym it or to eat the whole world. My Aunt Flo is visiting this week to so that didnt help my eating habits last week at all. Sorry any male readers... I think I only have one at the moment. (Shout out John!) haha.

I also started "running" yesterday. We were out on the Boulevard in Mountain Lakes for about 40 minutes and I rain approx. 6 of them. It will improve slowly but surely. I'd like to run more often but right now I need to burn more calories than I do running. But I need to train for the MADdash which I will link to this page. Any donations are greatly appreciated. It's my first 5k so interesting things may happen.

Once you click on the link you can play around & read up on the Madeline Loftus Memorial Scholarship Foundation. It's am amazing organization in memory of an amazing person. Plus our team is named "Walk Like an Egyptian" & we may be entirely NOT PC and carry protest signs. What are you gonna do right?

MADdash 5K 2011 - Janice McCrostie's Donation Page!

Anyway this is yet another very schizo entry, so I apologize. Or maybe I don't cause you know you love it!!!

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