Monday, March 14, 2011

Not So Mystery Man

There is a celebrity right now & I have realized that if I mention their name that it will be completely counter productive to this posting. But I have faith you'll all figure it out.

This person is making a living on the fact that we are all obsessed with train wrecks. They're being a horrible horrible person & a horrible role model for their children & yet people are purchasing tickets to see him speak! What is wrong with you people!? It's bad enough that specials are being run on the television and people are watching those, but now you're directly putting money in his pocket???

I haven't watched one thing he's ranted. I've heard all about them and I've even said "Oh my gosh he is such a mess!" But then I started thinking about it... we're supporting his behavior. What is wrong with our society that he can act like this, act like everything this world should be against & we're funding it. Yes... every special that anyone watches & any event that we buy tickets for FUNDS him to get his ridiculous behavior in front of the cameras.

I don't want to turn into one of those people who babbles on about the media's negative impact on our society. But I can't help it. It's said all the time that these people are getting paid millions, but Fox News & the Wisconsin govt. is talking about how teachers are being overpaid. TEACHERS are the few people in our society who actually deserve that million dollar paycheck. Teachers & nurses in my opinion. I'm sure there are other occupations out there but those are the two that pop to mind. Instead we're GIVING our money away to people who don't care about any other person on the planet except themselves.

This person above, they're giving what they raise to Tsunami relief & I can say that's pretty awesome. But the monetary benefit from doing so is what they're really after.

I don't even pray that he gets his shit together anymore, I pray that we wake up & realize that we live in a country where we still tell people they aren't allowed to get married or adopt a child when they fund a man who hires prostitutes & takes drugs like candy. You get entertainment from that, but you think it's wrong to let one loving person marry someone they love & start a family? You think it's wrong to have a child grow up in a loving home instead of in a foster care system that is trying very hard but in many ways is failing?

I can't get my head around that. And my heart is actually breaking from it. You may not understand it, but that's ok bc I don't have to understand why you love your significant other in order for you to want to stay with them, do I? I don't get to approve all your life choices, do I?

Meanwhile, we're putting the stamp of approval on how this celebrity is behaving, every magazine we buy & tv special we turn on...

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