Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun With Numbers!

Lets go over how much I hate my Credit Card right now. Cause its... A LOT!

My parents raised me to be pretty good with money & still I falter. Never horribly... until now. I never kept a balance on my cc before, I always paid it off as quickly as humanly possible. Until now, when I have a small income. Well, learned my damn lesson the hard way.

Last month I paid off my cc to a nice even $1,000. Felt good. Until the interest accrued for this past month & now I'm back up to $1,126. My interest for one month was my payment for last month. Sure teaches you to pay attention huh?!

I'm so annoyed cause I did this to myself. I was irresponsible. I put gas $ and flights on it bc I thought I could figure it out. Ughhhh I'm so annoyed with myself right now.

I was never one of those morons who thinks "I'll just pay it later, so easy, it's like plastic money hehehe." I knew the repercussions, I just didn't know how bad it can be. Now I know why my dad told me the one thing I was NEVER to do while in College was to sign up for a cc when they had the booths outside the cafeteria. And I listened, thank sweet baby Jesus I did. Cause I would have been in even more trouble if I had gotten my hands on one when I was 18.

This balance is nothing compared to some peoples, I know. But I don't like it. My ccs were always something I had under control and now it feels like I'm losing grip bc they aren't. Does that make sense? You know how you can have one thing that you have your fingers on so the other $50,000 you know in student loans doesn't seem that bad bc you have this other thing under control. It's crazy I know, but what part of the rest of my blogramblings made you think I was normal?

How am I going to pay for this San Francisco trip? I should pack ramen noodles. Carissa, Cai & Georgi... be prepared to eat in a bunch, possibly eat ramen noodles cause this poor girl can't afford much else. I guess if you're going to live like a hippy the one place to do it is San Fran right?

Thank God for my parents bc without them who the hell knows where I would be right now. Well that's not entirely true... I'd still be $51,126+ in debt I just wouldn't have anywhere to live and no food to eat.

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