Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Do You Have to Lose?

I feel like it's important to start off by saying I am not being flippant with my religious beliefs. I have my relationship with God & it's not for anyone to judge or critique. I just had a thought the last night and if you can't share it in your blog, then where can you?

I wrote on Sunday about an idea I had to maybe get some help more youth & young adults get on the path to see God in their life, or even just get them out to church. So I've been going over and over it in my head, what can I say to these people to get them to maybe just try. Because I know quite a few people who don't believe in God, or believe that there is a higher power but they aren't sure what or who it is. Which is whatever it is, but I feel like that must be a bummer of a way to live.

Really I can't assume anything about these people's lives. These are friends of mine who I am very close with, they're good people. They just don't have faith, which leads me to my question.

What have you go to lose?

I'm just throwing sh** out there now, but really, what have you got to lose by believing? When was it that you stopped? Cause as a kid, well most kids, we'd believe in Santa & The Easter Bunny & The Tooth Fairy & above all else God. Is that what it was? Were you so annoyed about the scam that now you're embittered against anything that you had to go on faith by? Are you like my cousin Emily, who at finding out about Santa Claus proclaimed "I suppose The Easter Bunny isn't real either!!" At 8 years old, is there any greater betrayal? (this is a passive aggressive, sarcastic assessment. don't be insulted, laugh.)

I really am trying to figure this out, I'm not trying to be pushy or rude or condescending. I guess maybe some people just come out of the fog of having the youthful unwavering faith & belief in God and choose to not go back.

But then I have to ask again, what do you have to lose?

Back when you believed in Santa, it brought you such happiness. Once a year was the best time of your life bc something magical happened (and you ended up with lots of goodies to show for it!) And oddly enough, for me at least, that's what believing in God is like, but it's year round.

I can't see Him & I definitely can't wait at the bottom of the chimney with milk & cookies hoping for a glimpse, but I feel Him & know Him. Sometimes it's the faith that I have in God that even gets me through the day. Because I know He has a plan for me that is greater than I can imagine.

My mind actually works like this... if I'm speeding down the highway late for whatever & some jerk gets in front of me going 2 miles an hour. I usually wait a minute before I pass them, I give it some time. Because there may be a reason that car was put there. For me to slow down. For me to chill out. Whatever. When life isn't going the way I'd planned (Ummm I was supposed to married by 27, according to the 22 year old me!) I have to take a breather & remember that something is coming. Something good.

And what's the harm in having that faith? If it came down to not believing in Santa from 0-8 years old, or having a those few years of magic, which would the 8 year old you have chosen? What is it going to hurt for you to just talk to Him a bit, attend church, see what He has to give.

I don't know. I can't choose for anyone. That's why the sneaky Man Upstairs gave us all free will. So we can decide for ourselves. It's hard when you know that it's real & you just want to share it, but not everyone is willing to believe.

But really, what do you have to lose?

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