Friday, March 25, 2011

46,974,057 & Counting

It's Friday. Friday. Friday (just in case anyone didn't know yesterday was Thursday & tomorrow is Saturday. Sunday comes some time after that too.)

Yes that is what was in my head ALL morning bc during my 6AM drive to the gym (Badass - a thank you very much!) they jokingly played it on my radio show. And then it wouldn't leave. It kills me that this is the song that is selling on iTunes. And it's not even this poor girls fault. She's only 13, I do not blame her at all. And hell, she wont have any student loans to pay off after college! But really America? Really?

We're a country that is always looking for 2 things. The next big thing & trainwrecks. And unfortunately for Rebecca, she isn't 46,974, 057 for being "the next big thing."

Here's where it gets me, bc I can sing & I could probably write a pretty good song if I wanted to but no one would listen to my song if I put it on youtube bc I can't promise it would be the next big thing but I can promise it would not be a trainwreck. Unless I fell off my chair or something, which, actually, is entirely plausible.

Anyway my point is that there are musicians like Susan who write songs like this and her views are only at 310. THAT offends me. This is the next big thing!!! She's amazing, I want to be her when I grow up (if she wasn't younger than me!) And bc she isn't ridiculous, just a girl & her piano and beautiful song her views are only at 310. And admittedly 50 of those are probably me cause I'm a little obsessed with this song.

There's also a young girl who's songs are "responses" (I don't understand how you work youtube!) to Susan's & she is also phenomenal! And her views are impressive as well, at 948,479, but we're not hearing about her on GMA.

I don't know, maybe this is a no copyright infringement intended way of getting their music to just a few more people. Maybe it's my way of saying "Happy Friday!" Maybe I just need to get my ass on youtube with something tragically awful... my way to the top baby!!!

Hey, have an excellent Friday... Friday. Friday.

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