Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My lameness can't get much worse...

Please don't think I'm wallowing. I'm not wallowing, I'm stating absolute facts. Fox News would agree.

How exciting! Don't you think? My own blog... I'm learning as I go, so bare (bear?) with me. I think the title fits me in a self depricating way. Very schique. I just spelled that wrong. How do you spell it?

Here I am, in my twin bed, in an 8 by 11 room across the hall from my parents. So gross. I love them, no lie. And to be honest they're a lot like living with roommates, but really? Really? I'm 27!!! Sure there are some extenuating circumstances. A. the job I  had before I moved out of the country was a traveling one - it would have been stupid & fiscally irresponsible to move out then. B. I just moved back from Scotland. And 3. I want to be successful in a struggling career. IV. I have student loans coming out my a**.

So how does an out of shape 27 year old living with her parents, deep in student loan debt, with a very heavy televisions schedule (that she watches with Mom!) not end up a dog lady? I don't know, I'm sure I have no idea to save myself right now.

This blog is... what is this blog? This is the way I'm going to vent my frustrations about life & laugh at the crazy sh*t that happens and maybe, hopefully entertain a few people along the way. Because right now I am ridiculous. My life is ridiculous. Ridiculously pathetic. And though I absolutely don't mind the fun that comes with the ridiculous, I'm ready for some more stability. Even that sounds boring. Maybe more financial stability with just a bit of adventure.

February 15, 2011.
Employment: Monday - Friday caretaker of my cousin's super cute baby daughter.
Career related employment: Unpayed (but gratifying) costume mistress for a friends show in the city.
Weight: 189 (oh yeah I totally just outed my weight for the entire world to see!)
Workout regime: Eliptical for a least an hour while watching SVU, NCIS, Millionaire Matchmaker or Tabatha's Salon Takeover.
Food Intake: Holding on by threads of lettuce covered in feta, sunflower seeds & craisens.

Stay tuned... let's see what happens.

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