Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Same Page

I think that in life we have all grown to underestimate the importance of being on the same page.

At work, I have to make sure that my boss & I are on the same page. With what I'm being trained in, how & if I understand it, all that crap. Then once I know it we have to be on the same page as far as who's responsibilities are who's.

At home, my mom & I have to be on the same page or we bicker like teenage girls.

With my friends we have to be on on the same page or... we bicker like teenage girls.

Most of the time this balance finds itself naturally.

But what happens when you try to get on the same page, and someone doesn't listen?
What happens when this starts to make you feel like the bad guy?

We rush through life these days & one day what we thought we wanted is not that anymore. Some times, we're not on the same page with ourselves.

I think that life can be like that old saying "When God closes a door, He opens a window." But lets put a spin on it.

When life starts falling into place in one aspect, other parts of it may start to slip.

I'm trying to figure myself out. One piece at a time.

The work aspect of my life is good. I have a job. It pays my bills & I can hopefully start saving some so that I can move out of my parents house. Even though I promised my dad I was living at home until marriage, Jane Austen style.

But that wont work for me. Because I've realized that before I live with my future person, I want to have my own little apartment. With quirky Janice accents that someone else might not love, but I do. I want to paint a wall purple or orange or yellow and then have pillows that do not match.

What that all adds up to is that I'm cookie dough, I'm not done baking.

And what that really means is that, for the first time, possibly in EVER, when I say that I am happy being single. I mean it. I'm happy to go out and drink and flirt & have absolutely no one to answer to. I don't like having someone else's agenda to answer to.

Remember when I said I was taking back 2012? Well it's taken. Or took? Whatever.

I'm slowly getting on the same page with myself. I'm working out. I'm eating better. (define... better?). I have a job I enjoy in the industry I love. I'm single & looking to mingle... without attachments.

Life is finally here. And I'm finally on the same page with it.

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