Monday, June 6, 2011

Kicking a Cheerio that I Just Can't Find

I'm blogging from my phone today because my computer is being a little asshole.

It's just annoying... your whole purpose is to work. So please do.

I had an interesting & fun weekend. Saturday I visited with long lost friends from my Jellybean days. Its so amazing how every time we see each other we fall back into rhythm without missing a beat. Thats a super cool thing to have in your life.

Then I worked a catered event at night and it was a lot of fun. The hosts of the party were very fun & nice and all I had to do was stay on top of things so they didn't have to. Pretty easy.

Yesterday we went to the Biergarten in Jersey City for a few friends birthdays. It was fun, minor drama but crisis was diverted. I wish I lived closer cause this place was just really cool. But it did make me really nostalgic for Glasgow. I guess I just miss that layed back nothing to do atmosphere. It just seems like even if you have a full time job, over there its just an easier concept or something. I dont know. Maybe I'm just babbling.

Sorry I feel like this post is kind of boring. My brain is kind of wonky from the beers & my random bitchfest. Haha when we went to leave I was just done & drunk & refused to take the lightrail back to Hoboken bc I had bought a roundtrip on the Path. It was kind of ridiculous but for some reason it just annoying me. I dont have money to sling around but yet I just dropped 65 bucks on beers. Haha. I think I was just being difficult. It can sometimes be in my nature.

In other news... I just want to sleep.

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