Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Something I Can Do...

I have an oven burn on my arm. It's super tiny, about 2 inches above my wrist. I got it on Friday night while making pizza at home. Why am I so proud of this little burn?

I think that it makes me feel accomplished. Does that even make sense? It's like, "here, I may not have anything else in my life worked out, but I can cook. I can take a recipe & figure it out & be happy while eating it."

It's like everything else in my life is all over the place, I have 3 possibly 4 jobs, but I can make a pizza. I can cook an asparagus, mushroom, plum tomatoes, sausage & chicken with cream based sauce & bowties meal and it is delicious. I can do that. Maybe I'll make Mondays New Recipe Day. Ehh I don't want to label myself, but I will make at least one day a week New Recipe Day. How does that sound kids?

Disclaimer: I make no promises that these recipes will be healthy ones.

Cause cooking is something I can do & do right.

The worst/best part about it is I get it from my mother.

I need a question for tomorrow. Come on people, don't leave me hanging.

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