Thursday, April 28, 2011

As Promised

So, as promised in my earlier post from yesterday, I took pictures this morning. The first one is of the hair on my shower wall. Turns out, not as pretty as I thought it was...

Turns out it's creepy & gross. Especially with the water droplets. Yuck. I apologize, I just figured I'd post it anyway so you all can see what's up. I will continue to do this in order to keep from drain clog-age. I will not, however, post more photos. Unless I see the Virgin Mary or something in it.

The other was of me with my sleep mask. Unfortunately 6AM is a bit to early for me to remember to have a photo shoot. I did remember in the shower. So I took one with my hair towel on. Judge as you see fit...

Sorry I'm so nake-y! You know you like it!!! Especially with my badass lip. Hey, I couldn't see anything, I didn't know.

So lastly for this morning's post I wanted to add a rap song (I feel like I need to let everyone know that the first time I typed that I wrote "wrap" song, making it blatantly obvious that I never listen to the genre & that I love a good BLT wrap.) I was watching a friend's daughter this AM & her older brother had left MTV on the tube. I heard this song & thought "Good for you obscure rapper that I don't know... good for you." Because he said a lot of things that a lot of people are thinking about our country but don't have the balls to say. And he is saying it at the beginning of his career. Well the beginning of his career according to me at least. I couldn't find the actual video, but here's the audio and here are the lyrics .

I don't know I think he says some really honest stuff in here. I don't agree with it all but it's interesting for a listen. Especially if you're reading the lyrics & can follow along.

Oooo one more random thought is how shafted Scotty McCreery got last night on American Idol. Yes the judges praised him, but then they say that James was the performance of the night! First it needs to be known, that Scotty is not my fave. In fact, he moves like a praying mantis sometimes and it freaks me out, but his performance last night was beautiful and it makes me mad that the judges thought James was better. James just screeched his way through one of my favorite songs of all time! (Dirty Dancing anyone?) Meanwhile... Lauren Alaina American Idol 2011!!!

Yeah that last paragraph makes me a huge, huge, HUGE tool.

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