Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Praying for my Mental Health. Again.

My cousin Emily recently got me into yet another nice, quiet little obsession. Well maybe not so quiet. Ree Drummond may be my new idol. Not only is she badass, but she's badass. She's been blogging for  a while & one of top 10 pieces of advice for bloggers was to never miss a day, something about treating your blog like it's a garden. Or something. I swear Ree, I read it but it was yesterday & I'm having trouble sleeping the past few nights.

So this will be your favorite kind of post... the kind that has no directions & makes you worry for my mental health.

First lets start with the nice little crick in my neck that has set up shop & refuses to leave. Not only is it annoying because I rather enjoy TURNING MY HEAD, but it makes it difficult to drive. How am I supposed to check my blind spots? (Don't worry I still do). Plus my hypochondria makes me fear I have meningitus. Yes I got the vaccine, but what if it's some new stream that can beat up the vaccine?

Ughh... dear sweet slumber... please come back. I miss you so!

The other thing I wanted to touch on briefly was how much better I've been feeling. It's crazy to say but I really think that my "coming out" blog about not being happy actually made me feel... better! Woah, get off the crazy train Janice. Talking about it works? Now most of my friends are like "Hold up, we can never get Janice to shut up!" But the truth is I very often don't talk when I really need to. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks for listening. Thanks for calling & emailing & fb chatting & texting. Even those one little outreaches meant the world. And I further believe that it was those little things that made me feel 100 X  better. And a nice phone call on Sunday.

So of course... I gained back 1/3 of the weight that I had while on vacation. But, in my defense... can anyone keep up their workout routine while away??? Please, I'm very cereal about this... teach me your ways if you can.

In other news... I realized that BudLight with Lime is on 116 calories per bottle. Hallelujah!!! A light beer that I can actually tolerate. But in even other news, if this website is right, my favorite most delicious Sam Adams isn't much worse. That website may be my diets new best friend.

Really that's my biggest problem. I was watching "Biggest Celebrity Weight Losses" (or something) and Horatio Sans from SNL has lost tons of weight & he attributes it all to his quitting drinking. Is it bad that that's not really an option for me? I'll do it for a while, like right now to cleanse for the MADdash  (which, give me your money b****es!) but beer is just something that I am not willing to give up.

And in breaking news, I got called sexy last night. Exact words were "I've always found you kind of sexy." Mind you, the person who said it was kind of high, but it was still nice. I've only ever heard that from my ex so, you know, it felt good.

For all those wondering, yes I was under my calorie count yesterday & I worked out. So I had a skinny cow ice cream sandwich. Some say counter productive, I say delicious.

Finally... what the hell must be running through Kate Middleton's mind right now??? I mean most little girls dream about growing up & marrying a Prince, but she's actually doing it!!! That's CRAZY!!!

Unlike me, I promise, my mental health is complete sound. Most days.

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