Monday, April 25, 2011

I Was the First Hipster

I know right... you're all shocked & excited to know that you are friends with the very first hipster. This is how I realized it...

I was talking to my cousin about the 1950's letterman jacket that I bought at an antique shop in High School. It was maroon & white & had the name Frank on it's front and Lancers across the back. I loved making up stories about who it had once belong to & why Frank gave it up. Truth of the matter was, it wasn't finished. There was no letter on it, I had no idea what sport Frank played. So really it might have been a miss print situation. But I loved that jacket. It sounds crazy but in a lot of ways that jacket helped me to become the person that I wanted to be. It let me be different.

Anyway, I was telling my cousin what a geek I was for making that purchase. (Which was then passed down to her & to my sister - for some reason  I thought it wouldn't be as cool in college. Hmm maybe I wasn't so hip) and she said...

"No! It was awesome... you were one of the first... oh what are they called? Those people who wear anything!?"

Any my friends, since this was 1998, I was the first Hipster.

My sister still has the jacket & I think it may be time for me to take it back. Cause you know... Hipsters are soooo in... 

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