Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is how my mind works...

As I was driving to work this morning this was my train of thought in the span of approximately 10 seconds.

I wore a sleep mask last night - people who don't use their blinkers suck - I should take a picture of the hair on the shower wall, sometimes it looks so pretty - woo hoo for being 1 pound away from pre-vacation weight, goooo me! - coffee in your maple brown sugar oatmeal = true love - Ugggh I want to go to New Mexico!!! - maybe I should merge...

And so on. 

Right after that I wished that I had a picture of said sleep mask to post on here for you guys. Maybe I'll get one tomorrow morning. The picture idea came hand in hand with the hair on the shower wall idea.

Back story.

When I was traveling for my last job, living in hotels for extended periods (rock on Residence Inn by Marriott) I noticed my drain getting backed up. Being that I lived their for months on end I decided to not call my super (ie. the front desk) and just buy some draino. I didn't like more people in my room than necessary. Except when they made my bed almost ever morning... ahhhh I miss those days. (yes these two things don't make sense, in case you were wondering). Anywhohow that draino worked and I realized that I needed to stop putting my shedding balding hairs down the drain.

So after I condition & there's that mangle of hair on my hand I put it on the wall and throw it in the garbage when I get out. But through many a shower I've realized that it can look kind of pretty up on that tile. Like a new form of art.

Anybody want it?

Oh & the sleep mask? That was because I've been having trouble sleeping & I just happened to tell my brother how light bothers me when I'm falling asleep. So he gave me on an old sleep mask from a redeye Continental flight. I figured I'd give it a shot & it worked, well at least I think it did. I definitely slept better last night than I have since Friday. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow morning for you guys. I'm sure it looks super cute!!!!

And we all know that people who don't use their blinkers suck, so that's that one.

Annnnd we all know it's great that I didn't have to struggle for 2 weeks to get back to my pre-vaca weight. Seriously, that would have suck big wangers.

About the coffee in my oatmeal. It was just a wee bit at the bottom of my mug & since I like to consolidate dirty dishes but was super hungry I just poured my oatmeal in there. It was delicious. I'm learning that, as far as eating is concerned, if you cut out the middle man life gets a whole lot easier. For instance, I <3 salt & it is annoying when you salt your french fries & it all just falls off. What is the point??? So I've started just salting my ketchup, works like a charm. This is an over thought way to fatten myself up, I know, but hey it works. And I seriously only each french fries on special occasions now. Haha, how pathetic is that??? French Fries are a special occasion event!

New Mexico??? Well remember when I told you all about how my family is going there for the 4th of July (My absolute FAVORITE holiday!!! - I knew you were wondering) and I really want to go. Well, my brother has flight vouchers for $250 he gave me to try and use so hopefully I'll be able to work it out. I'll still have to pay at least another $250 but I realllly want to go. And we all know I make poor fiscal decisions when it comes to travel.

It's my crack.

But hey, at least it's not actually crack.

Yeah, this is how my mind works.

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