Thursday, February 14, 2013

Whose Bright Idea was it... start Lent the day before Valentine's Day?

Either you're in a relationship & getting lots of candy or you're not in a relationship & you're going to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings where the buffalo wings live. And you're avoiding crowded tables by eating in the bar, where the beer lives.

I'm not Catholic but I do give something up around Lent as more of a challenge to myself. In the past I have given up:

Frivolous spending.
Adding sugar & salt.

And this year I was/am giving up Buying my Vices, which is including but not limited to: foods that are bad for me, clothing and alcohol.

Now all of the above have loopholes. How gross am I that I challenge myself but then give myself a loophole? Lame sauce.

Can't drink coffee? There's always teas.
Can't spend money frivolously? Decide it's something you NEED.
Can't ADD sugar or salt to your food? Put it in while you cook.

And the piece de la resistance...

Can't buy your vices? Have someone else buy them for you.

Which is kind of making me feel like an asshole. Because although my motivation was to get other people to buy me drinks via my boobs and bodacious ass, it turns out that the responsibility is falling more on my friends than I had intended. Which makes me uncomfortable. Because you can say "No I'm just not drinkin'!" all you want. But when you're friends are out for party time with one of their favorites, they're going to get you drunk. It's a mission. And I have lots of party plans coming up. Ugh.

I think I need to re-evaluate and re-evaluate fast.

Because I've got a hot date with BDubs tonight & I don't wanna F it up...

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