Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spoilers (Is that enough of a warning?)

If you aren't watching ABC's Nashville than you are missing out. Not only does it showcase some of the best  talent we have in the entertainment industry (I'd watch Connie Britton take a shit) but the music coming out of this show is incredible.

It's not just country tunes reminiscent of Taylor Swift (although Boys and Buses is a super catchy tune) there are also ridiculously sick soft rocky bluegrass-esc songs like Change Your Mind. Can you just trust me on this one? There is honestly a song in every episode that makes me go...


Seriously. We can't even discuss When the Right One Comes Along because I might get the cold sweats and start crying about how badly I want to be Clare Bowen. That song seriously changed my life. Which is a tall order but you know when you just hear a song at the exact right moment in your life and you're like "Oh yeah, thank you Jesus, you  know what I need."

Plus the characters are all juicy and layered and fun and mean and real. It can be soapy, but so can every show on television. But I can honestly say I've haven't loved to hate a character this much since Victoria Grayson.

Anyway so the reason that I've labeled this post as a spoiler is because I'm about to talk about a pretty integral part of the show.

There are two characters named Scarlett and Gunnar and they write music together. (Change your Mind & When the Right One Comes Along are supposed to be songs that they wrote) And they are just one of the will they? / wont they? couples on the show. And they are so awesome together that I've been dying a little bit all season wanting them to get with the smoochies.

Now last night's episode ended in a way that I like to refer to as sexy sweet.

After identifying his brother's body at the police station, Gunnar goes MIA for a whole day. Leaving Scarlett freaking out on many levels back home (ps. they're also roommates). Mostly because his brother was bad news who brought a gun into their home after promising that he got rid of it. When Gunnar finally returns home, in shambles (rightly so), Scarlett comforts him in the best way she knows how. With sweet sweet loving.

He blames himself, he's completely torn up, and when her hugs don't do the trick she kisses him, which then leads to more.

Here is why I bring this up and you can all tell me that I am entirely wrong in this particular theory. After the scene ended my Mom was like "That seems like an inappropriate time to have sex, your brother just died." and I kind of agreed, the timing could be better. But I think that people find comfort in sex. Especially when it's the type of relationship that these two characters have. Full of caring and devotion. Friendship and dare I say, love. They have a creative connection through their writing that has grown into a friendship that (fan fingers crossed) will grow into weekly smoochies. It was beautiful to me.

That moment when there is nothing to be said and nothing to be done. The only way I can help you is by showing you how much I care about you. I can't change what's happened but I can make you forget for a little while. Everything I'm feeling is too much, so let me explore some more of you.

I know I'm a hopeless romantic and things like this don't happen that much in real life.

I know it's just a show.

But it made me feel things in my gut. It made me remember what I aspire to find someday.

And if you're wondering how good Connie Britton's singing voice is, here's your answer.

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