Friday, August 5, 2011

My Tingly Tookis

So I don't have to much time because my mother needs me to go and do all the tasks that she doesn't have time to do before Children's Day starts tonight and my father has already been assigned his tasks & mein schvester (sp?) is sleeping.

But this was just to funny not to share.

Some of you say TMI. I say there's never enough "I".

Since I've been working out, mostly since the heat index has reached apocolyptic proportions really, I've had a problem on my tookis. My butt cheeks to be exact. It seems I've broken out like no bodies busines. It's like a pepperoni pizza back there! My poor cheeks!

Anyway, a few days ago, I was alike "This has to stop!!! BAAAA" cause it really has gotten utterly ridiculous. What if someone was to see those pretty little cheeks? Getting nice & tight from all the workout but then not so cute because they're cover in pimples! Grosscity!!! So I was like "Ahhh Clean N Clear, you work on my facial, you shall work on my"

And that is how, for the last few days, I have exited the shower with a tingly butt. I recommend it to all. Well all you may have this issue.

I shall leave you with that mental picture for the weekend. It should last you until Sunday!


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