Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Shiz.

I've been a sucky blog poster lately. sorry champs. Yesterday was another day that I was on the go for pretty much the whole day. I helped my friend, who is running for town council, put her signs up around the neighborhoods. It was a long day but a rewarding one. We got a lot done and then ate really crappy food to thank ourselves. Haha.

Ugghh I cannot seem to shake whatever bug this is. It's very annoying. I've felt gross for almost 2 weeks now. Maybe it's allergies? I sure hope not cause it's nasty.

Tomorrow I need to get back to the gym-arooni. Seriously guys. I've been such a slacker. But it's so hard when I feel like such poop. Blerg. And on top of that my diet has not been stellar. Merp. I know I feel better when I stay on top of all that. But it just sooo much tastier otherwise.

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