Monday, May 9, 2011

Always Ask Questions

Sorry I was MIA yesterday, I was on a roady up to UCONN to see my cousin graduate. It was good times, except for the speaker who I'm still not sure exactly what he was talking about besides sweating a lot, chubby kids and lesbians. Three things have everything to do with graduating.

I wasn't driving so I got to take in all the lovely New England scenery, but there was something I noticed & it's not the first time I've noticed it.

All along the highway there were those rock walls that used to divide the properties. You know, way back in the day, once up on a time in America's past. I know that often they were used to build walls because as the farmers tilled up their land they would pull out all the larger rocks and utilize them as boundaries to their field, but why are they in the middle of the woods? I know it seems insignificant but I just can't help but wonder, every time I see one, who built it? Why did they build it? Why did they build it here? What was their story? What was their family like?

I guess it just goes along with my love of history. I know it's silly but now every time you see one of those walls you'll think a little bit more about it... wontcha? Below is a picture from my Birthday Hiking trip this past November. We came across one of these walls

If you would note the look on my face saying... "What is this wall doing in the middle of the woods?"

What indeed.

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