Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mike Rowe, You Sexy Beast!

I was at a loss of what to write today and then my friend posted this video on his facebook. I watched it mostly because I have an unhealthy love lust crush on Mike Rowe. But then what he said really hit me.

It's true, so true. Kids today are raised to think that if they don't go on to higher education in the form of college then they are in some ways a failure. This is, I'm sorry to be so graphic, but fucked up.

If there aren't people training in vocational fields then who is going to fix our cars, handle our plumbing, build our houses, maintain sustainable power windmills (throw back to an episode of Dirty Jobs) and keep our roads functional and that is just to name a few.

Somehow these jobs, that are some of the most difficult & definitely the most needed, have become something that people "fall back on" when in truth they're the most needed in our society. Finance Brokers, C.E.O.s and lawyers are a dime a dozen. But it shocked me to learn statistics in Mike's speech that talk of a labor shortage in the above specialized fields. Here are the jobs that our country needs... but people aren't taking advantage of it because they believe that they're "beneath" them.

These jobs are considered "less" in the eyes of our society.

While they are the reason our society can function. These are the people that make it possible for you to brush your teeth, drive to work and turn the tv on. Do you enjoy those things? I sure do.

As the daughter of a Union man, an electrician who helps get some of you Jersey people to work everyday, I'm surprised this never crossed my mind. I honestly never thought about it all this way until today, so it's put a whole new spin on my unemployment situation.

I need to re-evaluate. Couldn't you see me as welder? I like to weld...

Ahhhh Mike, once again you get my blood pumpin'... but this time in a different way.

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