Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You plan, God laughs...

Welcome to the first ever Witty Wednesday!!! (The jury is still out on that title, any suggestions welcomed!!!)

The questions / request for advice that I got was pretty intense, but I've taken the night to think about everything this poor person is going through and I think I have a little perspective on their situation.

A friend of mine recently learned that her job is most likely in jeopardy, all while she is getting her house ready to go on the market so she can move in with her fiancĂ©. Who lives through a river, so there is literally a bridge building issue. All the while dealing with the "where are my grandbabies???" questions from her mom. Needless to say, tensions are high, money is tight & the next few months are shaping up to be a crapshoot. When it rains it pours...

It's funny because it seems like everything is attacking you at once which sucks but I've always found that if I seriously concentrate on taking one day at a time it helps. That, I know, is much much easier said that done. 

I would suggest starting to look for other jobs, even if it's just kind of on the sly, a little here, a little there. As the time gets closer maybe put some feelers out. At one point it may have been a cozy family at work (I enjoyed meeting your colleagues!) but now it's every man for themselves. What you do have going for you is your degrees & your youth. Companies are more likely to hire someone who has the experience, but also the potential for longevity. At least when I was hiring that's one of the things I was looking for.

Saying that, I also don't know very much about your field or the opportunity in your area. Just don't keep all your eggs in one basket, especially when the Easter Bunny just sold it to Santa Claus & we all know he operates out of the North Pole.

The second issue of your house, unfortunately you've done all you can and it's a watched pot situation now. I personally love that house & think it will sell but again... I live with my parents so what the hell do I know!? You & your man have worked really hard on getting it to wear it needs to be & I think you guys will be ok. In my professional house selling opinion... haha. So I guess, just keep the faith as far as this is concerned & stay on top of your realtor.

Ok, the bridge thing I think will definitely be ok. Now that I've walked the footbridge & I've seen you settled into that house I know that you will survive while waiting for the car shaped bridge. (Other readers are like "what is happening in this woman's life right now?) I know it will be SOOOO much better to be able to drive your groceries to the front door, but right now you're gonna have to rock the 4 Wheeler. Let's face it, it could be worse. The house could be through a river & 13 miles into the mountains. Right... ya see what I'm saying.

And as far as the last thing, with the babies, I sooooo wish I could insert your full name here for effect. But in the name of anonymity I can't, haha. So I guess just read you name here...

______ ______ _______, calm down with the baby business!!! When it's time you will have little munchkins & then you will be thinking "Why did I rush these little poopers?" because you will literally be cleaning poop off your hands sometimes. I know you're so excited for kids (I am too!) but just remember that there is a method to His madness & when you finally do have them you'll see that plan. With everything else going on in your life right now, it's kind of a blessing that there isn't an extra mouth to feed or 10 extra pounds to carry across the foot bridge. haha!

When they do come, they're gonna be really good looking kids though. Damn.

I remember back to when you first got engaged and you said something to me along the lines of "We're going to move into his place, hopefully a spring weddings & babies pretty soon after that!" And I was so excited.

But please refer to the title of this post...

You plan & God laughs.

You had things planned out & now there are some hiccups, but how boring would life have been if it had all just played out perfectly??? Think of the amazing stories you'll have to tell the grandkids!!!

"When Grammy & Pop Pop first moved out here she had to walk across the bridge every day! I broke the heals on more expensive shoes that way, let me tell you!" (I don't know why, but I gave you an Long Island Italian accent in my head when I wrote that.)

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit. I'm not an expert, but I do know that things will work out. Because you've been through the ringer & deserve the best. I think G.O.D. is trying to make sure you appreciate all you've got now. He's tricky that way.

It can be annoying.

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