Sunday, May 22, 2011

Creepers Need Love Too

So much to go over in the day that I've been gone... know since I lead such a ridiculously exciting life. But really, I actually did go out again this weekend. And had a few epiphanies.

The first being that creepers need love too, it's just not with me. We went out with a very stereotypical mentality that  Dane Cook made fun of to perfections... we just wanna dance!

Mind you when a group of girls "just wanna dance" they are usually heading out with the mission to booze it up, literally throw their bodies around the dance floor & if the right gentleman caller should arise, yes we will talk to you. Anyway, we were dance dance dancin' and we were surrounded by creepers.

My one friend is a really good dancer, but not like I'm going to stand here and wave my tookis back and forth trying to seduce you. She actually dances and doesn't give 2 shits that their are people around her with spillable drinks. Which is fun only because she can really move and people actually watch her with aww. But can be difficult because it attracts creepers.

We had old men creepers. We had live with their mother creepers. We had totally smitten pretending to play with their phone 2 feet away creepers. But the king of the creeps was a guy who was quite a bit over weight (which hey I can't complain about) but he kept dancing circles around us and purposefully bumping into us pretending he had suave moves. It was tragic. Luckily he finally backed off or I might have had to Jersey table-flip his ass.

All it all it was a super fun night but there was no sighting of the super douche from last weekend, which was a bummer.

Oh and in case you were wondering... I held out and didn't booze to hard. Only had 2 drinks & could drive home. Makin' momma proud!!!!!

Yesterday I drove out to PA to visit with one of my three Shawns. Oh, yeah, have I told you all that I all my Shawns are gay? I have three Shawns, one Shawn & 2 Seans. Then Shawn is dating Sean. So literally, all of them. Gay. Yeah, I'm going to write a sitcom about it, I just need the connections. Anybody? Anybody?

We had a great BeerBQ (my alcohol consumption was not controlled in this situation) and then watched some episodes of Parks & Recreation, which I'm newly in love with. Amy Poehler & Adam Scott are adorable!!! So stinkin' cute... can't wait for next season and to catch up on seasons past. Yeah, cause that's what I need. Another television show.

Anyway so today consisted of a run with my brother & the dog. Noooooottttt as productive as one would think. Haha. And then I did some crunches.

Yesterdays weight in I was at (tentatively) 178. Which I haven't seen in a few years so I'm pretty stoked. I say tentatively because I can't really see where the little hand is definitely but that's where I'm hoping it's at. That brings my total weight loss to 12 pounds. What up bitches?!?! Just gotta keep it up!

Ooo in other news, my cousin left for her big adventure in New Mexico yesterday. I know she's going to have an amazing time & I'm super jealous. In fact... I started another novel based on her adventure if I was to join her. I dunno I just really like when there are two story going on in a novel, I blame Susan Elizabeth Philips for that. PS. If you haven't read her, please do. She's fantastic. You're reading along and suddenly your like "ummm, huh... what... did he just... oh yeah he did do that dirty thing to her." You seriously don't even notice. Brilliant!!! I aspire to write lova scene like her. Spoiler alert... there's nothing to dirty in Chapter Days book. SORRY!!!

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