Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Day of Gems

Fun exhausting Saturday but totally worth it!!! Who'da thought that passing out flyers by the TKTS booth would be so much fun and so exhausting. The sun was beating down & I had to talk to people & be in Times Square around people but it was kind of fun. I'd do it again if I was going to be in the city anyway. But it's not really worth it if I have to pay to come in. It loses some of it's grandeur & the pay doesn't exactly balance out. Any way, next time you're in the City & someone wants to talk to you about a show or whatever, be nice to them. Maybe make eye contact at least. I mean really.

I did meet some cool people too. There was this guy selling tickets to Avenue Q and I'm not sure if he was straight or not, he claimed to be - don't ask how we got on that conversation - anyway he kept calling me "boo." It was cool to talk to talk to new people, I always forget how much I miss it.

At dinner was when we had our first nice little exciting moment!!! We had finished eating and were enjoying a second Magners, because we can & I happened to turn around to glance down the street and there for my glory was The Dad from Wonder Years. I kind of squealed! I mean COME ON that's like a staple of my youth. I really wanted to get a photo with him but this other woman walked up to the table and bothered him for a bit & I didn't want to do the same right after she did. She stood there for like 15 minutes, totally wasting my flavor. Anyway it was super awesome to see a celebrity & actually recognize them right away. I always have a bit of a problem with words. Here's our shady photo complete with the annoying lady.

So then we were off to see the one and only Harry Potter in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and he was spectacular. John Laroquette was also phenomenal. The tickets were expensive and I rarely say this, but it was totally worth it. The show was just fun & Daniel Radcliffe can really move, the boy can DANCE! Afterward it was crazy. There were barricades and police lines across the street and easily 500 people, most of which didn't attend the show & came before it got out to claim a space, waiting to snap a photo and get a signature.

And then it happened. I don't know if it's because I'm getting old or I have grand schemes of these hottie tottie celebs seeing me & loving me, but I had no interest getting a photo or a signature. I actually felt really badly for him. I dunno, I guess they learn to live with it and love it on some level but I bet there are some days that he gets out of a show & just wants to sign a few signatures and walk home. I don't know, it was a really strange way to feel, but I couldn't help it.

But the best thing happened on the train at 2AM. We were coming up to the Morristown stop and this pretty good looking guy comes to stand in the vestibule cause he's getting off. I kid you not he turns town the window and starts using it as a mirror. Which in itself isn't strange, we all do that. But then he made my night oh so better. At first he started with a little stretching, you know, to loosen up the muscles. Then he started dancing, but really subtle. It was so funny, I think at one point he was actual 2 stepping with himself in the window reflection. As you do. The odd this was I was right there, it's not like I was up sitting in the compartment, I was in the vestibule too. Ahhh it's like the last little present in a day of gems.

In other news, it's flippin' hot. But Happy Memorial Day!!! Thanks to all those who serve!!!

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