Monday, May 16, 2011

Epic Weekend Part 1

It has been a rather epic weekend. I'll start by telling you about Friday & Saturday (day time) but Saturday night time will have to wait because I'm going to try to get a model so you all can see and totally understand the douchie-ness of the guy that we people watched for about 2 hours. It was amazing - I seriously felt like it was Christmas time.

Ok so Friday night my friend Sarah & I went to Tabor Pizza (YUMMMMM!) and carboloaded for the race on Saturday. It was great to catch up & I ran into my friend Judy who said that her friend at the NJ Shakespeare Theatre will probably be calling me back for an interview. Can you say "Hallelujah! Let me hear an AMEN!" Cause even an interview right now will make me feel a bit special!

Anyway, after I went to go see Bridesmaids with the girlies. It was possibly the funniest movie I have ever seen. Maybe because I love Kristen Wigg and the woman can do no wrong in my eyes, but my abs hurt afterward from laughing so hard. She's hysterical. Maya Rudolph was fantastic & somehow Melissa McCarthy's butch hot mess Megan was completely and utterly endearing and you realize, not such a hot mess. Jon Hamm plays the douche role to perfection & Chris O'Dowd (who is from UK's The IT Crowd... which is brilliantly funny as well) is charming, adorable & way to scrumptious to not become an even bigger star after his portrayal of the equally charming, adorable and scrumptious Officer Rhodes ... in conclusion I wanted to kiss his little Irish face for the entire hour and a half! The characters & plot line are so much more than just a bunch of ladies acting a fool, you actually feel for the girls while laughing your ass off with (at?) them. Kristen Wigg... don't go changin'! See this movie...

Anywhohow the next morning we had the MADdash!!! A race, in which, I ran the majority of. WHATTT???? WHATTT??? you say!!! However did she do it???

Like hell if I know. I only really trained the week before but in the end I only walked for approximately 6 or 7 minutes of my 39 minutes 20 second time. And the funny thing was I was trying to keep it under 45 minutes and I surprised even myself. See what you can do when you set your mind to something kids? THE MORE YOU KNOWWWWWW!!!!

After the dash we went the picnic celebration where I got a little tipsy... maybe a lot tipsy. You bought the mug for $12 and it was all you can drink. I just got my money's worth... and Sarah' since she was driving. Yes I'm ridiculous.

Make sure you stay tuned tomorrow because the tale I have to tell about a d-bag sighting is sooooo worth reading... especially if I can get me a model for some pictures. Don't worry we can hide you face!

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