Friday, May 13, 2011

My Reality

My reality is that tomorrow I'm running / yogging / walking / whatever my first 5K. Which will be fun and interesting and exciting. At last "clock" I can jog a mile in about 12 minutes and do the whole 3.5 in 50 minutes. Wednesday I ran 1.5 miles then did some walkage mixed in with 1/2 mile jogs. So, let's make magic happen.

My other reality involved 2 reality tv shows. One that I've never watched & one that I have watched once before. Dancing with the Stars drew me in with Kirsty & Kendra... now I'm rooting for Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballis because they are the bomb! My other show is American Idol - this I blame it entirely on my mother. But I'm a Lauren Alaina fan until the end.

I can't deny that Haley is completely talented but for me she's just coming across so cocky. Plus I wish she would stop the growling. It love it when it's like "I'm so into this song I can't help but get dooooowwwnnnn" but ever since the judges told her that they love her growl she does it like ever 30 seconds. I can't stand it!

This summer my reality TV will probably consist of So You Think You Can Dance & the new Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Addition. (I can't deny I love these weight loss shows. I don't watch Biggest Loser but I have watched some Heavy on A&E. I think I need the instant gratification. But I just love these shows because even if they only help a few people get healthy at a time that's a few more people learning healthy habits. So bring it on... I'll watch!)

I've also realized that my reality consist of working out. If I want to be healthy 80% of the time but eat what I want the other 20, then I need to work out in order to lose the weight now and maintain later. It's just a part of my life now & it doesn't suck as badly as I thought it would.

Blast from the Past is on. That's the best.

Headed to the gym in order to keep loose for the race tomorrow & not feel wretched about eating my face off full of pasta tonight. I know that's kind of counter productive but it's what I gotta do.

This post is weird. Don't judge.

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