Friday, May 20, 2011


So I just did my first round of cleanage at the club. It was interesting and easy enough.

I love watching men in their natural habitat, it's kind of fascinating.

My brain isn't really working today and I blame that on the lower amount of oxygen going to my brain because of my stuffy nose & because I just spent the last hour and half among cleaning agents. So fuunnnn!!!!

Tonight I'm going out with friends I haven't seen in a while which will be a good time. I'm going to try not to drink because

A. I don't feel good
B. I don't have any money
3. I need to be able to function tomorrow
IV. I need to start cutting back on drinking to keep my weight loss in check.

4 very good reason I'd say, to bad I have horribly self control.

I've always been an atmosphere person. Most of the time I need to be in the library to study, I need to be in the gym to work out & I need to be in a coffee shop-ish to write. So, unfortunately I find it hard not to drink when I'm at the bar. Does that make me a bad person? hahaha!

So I will let you all know how I do tonight... I'll try to stay strong and make you proud!!!

Now I'm off to the gym & to get ready for the night.

PS. Working out is so much fun when you can't really breathe through your nose and you feel like you're going to pass out afterward. Driving home is my fave.

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