Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Power of the Space Bar

I learned 2 things yesterday.

1. Proof read your texts because a space in the wrong spot can cause... well... some drama.


2. A Mom never stops loving you like crazy.

Yesterday I had an "interview" with a new babysitting client that found me online. So of course I told my family where I'd be, address and all. I was running late & my mom reminded me to send the address, shortly after I sent it she asked what time I was going there... here are the texts followed.

Me: Just go there now!
Mom: R u serious?

(Mind you, I silenced my phone because, technically I was in an interview)

Mom: I'm on my way now. Call me!
Mom: Shd i ccll thef police? (This one makes me the saddest bc it's obvious she was freaking out!)

About this time the doorbell rang at about the same time I heard my phone buzzing for the 4th time. In that split second I thought "Oh god! It's the police... it's been mom calling this whole time!"

So I reached for my phone, it was dad...

"Hi, can I call you back I'm in/"
"Your mother is at the door right now!"

My mom, my Knight(ress?) in shining armor was at the door, with our attack dog Daisy in tow to be sure I was safe. She had, (rightfully) panicked when she recieved my text & after much debate decided that the old homage "I'd rather be safe than sorry." was worth it. She got the text "Just go there now!" when what I thought I had sent was "Just got here now!"

My prospective employer, luckily, understood completely. She even said how she finds it kind of crazy that the caregivers all have to get back ground checks but no one looks into the families. And, luckily, I have a gig with them next week.

But isn't it funny? Doesn't this ridiculous story make you giggle & warm your heart? It will be a while before I make it up to my mother, that's for sure. She's embarrassed but at the same time doesn't care because, what if?

Even at 27 I can still evoke my mother out of the house in her sweats to make sure I'm not getting into trouble. Which, I think, is pretty cool.

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