Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time Out

A Witty Corner of Advice to Take or Leave.

I think I like that better.

I accidentally skipped last week due to lack of question & lack of me remembering to ask for a question but then this week I got two! Since a little re-con needs to be done on the second question received regarding the gym & a sexy man, that one will wait until next week.

This week's question, in direct quote form is this "Alright 5k champ... In response to your blog, when you're ready to dissect my life since you know it better than most, why is it that I am set on having no interest in casual dating or just going out? Am I being too picky? I need some tough love."

Yeah I left that 5K champ thing in there on purpose... cause I am.


Listen, you have a lot going on in your life right now. New house & even though you're at the same job your in a new location & even worse than that you've had some tough luck in the past when it comes to love.

I think that a few things are happening.

A. You have a lot going on. You're starting to teach those lessons, your kitchen just got renovated and I'm sure other things are going on to that I don't know about because it's been a while since we've had a chance to catch up. You may just be in hibernation for a little while, figuring life out in this old new town. Just don't stay there to long.

B. We're getting older & that means that going out to the bar & getting wasteface isn't really one of our top priorities. I personally prefer drinking on my patio with my bestest friends more than paying $6 for a Bud Light. But unfortunately that's not where we are going to meet people.

3. You're in a dating rut. Come on down, I'm in one too. It's hard to get back out there when things go south with someone & you're not quite sure how it got there. You're rolling along and things are hunky doory then they drop the bomb that they're not in it to win it. And then you're like "well what was that, that sucks, what did I do?" Yes, you have thought it was something you did. At some point in between hating them for stomping on your heart you wondered what you did that made them not want to be with you. But Rascall Flats was on to something with "God Bless the Broken Road..."

My advice is this... push yourself to get out there. If I had the moola, I would probably got out more often and even try It's worth a shot because like I said we're getting older & it's only a lucky few who meet "the one" at the bar.

I know you said you just don't feel like it. You don't feel like trying, but try. You don't want to end up living alone in your house with 35 dogs and cockatoo. Those cages can stink.

You, my dear friend, are the catch of the century & are going to make one lucky individual extremely happy.

But, my darling, darling, darling friend. Once you get that date, we will revisit topics of conversation & etiquette on said date. Just trust me, I've never steered you wrong.

I hope this helps. Remember it's ok to take a Time Out - I'm in one right now - just don't settle into it for the long haul.

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