Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Note Lovers

Hello my party people!

I wont really be able to write tomorrow so I thought I'd send a quick note to say WHAT UP and I'll miss you. Tomorrow is the big day of Harry Potter wishes & TKTS selling dreams so wish me luck. Should be, intensely interesting.

I'm now on Twitter, which is a long time coming if you ask me cause I think things all the time that are really funny and no one is around to hear them. But if you're on there you can follow me @Janice_Lynne. I know right? Such a cute and catchy name. You can be jealous of my adorableness now.

I'll probably have a fun, detail filled post for Sunday. After all, it is Fleet Week & that means Midship Men!!Wellllll Hellllllooooooo Sailor!!!

Just kidding I'll be working...

my magic!

Ok I have to be up in 7 hours so, smell you later.

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